1.03 RED Gemini 5K - Body package

For productions that want a scaled down camera kit, if you wish to bring your own lenses etc. Available in PL or Canon EF mount.

Package Contents

    Camera Body
1 Red Epic Dragon Body
1 Red Titanium PL Mount or Canon EF Mount
1 Red OLPF - Skin tone optimised (fitted)
1 Red SSD Module
1 Red Tactical Plate
2 Red Tactical Ribs right side
1 Red Bomb Viewfinder
1 Element Technica Viefinder Extension
1 Red Viewfinder Mount
2 Red Swat Rail 100mm
1 Red Top handle
1 Red 5" Monitor touch screen
1 Red Monitor Shade
2 Red EVF Cables
1 Red LCD Cable - Short
1 Red Plus One Module
1 Red Module Cover
1 Red Quick Release Platform + Cam plate
1 Red Time-code cable
3 Red Mini Jack to XLR audio cables
    Matte box/Follow Focus
1 Chrosziel MB805 Matte Box - 3 stage 19mm mount
2 Chrosziel Side flags
1 Chrosziel Top flag
1 Chrosziel Studio Follow Focus + 2nd Handle
1 Red RedMag 128GB
2 Red RedMag 64GB
1 Red Download station + Cables USB3, FW800
1 Red AC Power supply + cable
2 Red Power Adaptor cable 2B-TO-1B
6 Red RedBrick Batteries
1 Red RED Brick Plate
1 Switronic Dual Battery Hot swap Plate
2 Red RedBrick Twin Chargers + cables